Yassine Boundouq, wheels made in Morocco!

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His nickname is the Moroccan Rider. You may have seen him wearing a ‘djellaba’ (traditional Moroccan outfit) on a Longboard but believe us; he does not need this to get noticed. Let’s discover who is Yassine Boundouq? We interviewed him for you.



Yassine, what city are you from and where do you practice your sport?

Yeah I’m a longboard rider from Safi, I discovered longboard riding when I met one guy who used to ride it in my town. Since then, I worked hard and was able to develop the sport on a national scale especially thanks to the weekly training sessions that I teach. I’m happy to see more riders on the streets not only in Safi but all over the country too.

What’s your advice for people interested in practicing and becoming great longboard riders?

Longboard is really fun! The first rule in longboard is security; each new rider should wear a helmet and pads so he can ride comfortably and safely. Constant training and skill development is essential, only persistent candidates achieve great results.



Which of these categories do you prefer and why? Freestyle, Dance, Freeride, Downhill or Slalom?

I like freestyle and freeride. Freestyle because I like doing skateboarding tricks on longboard and I love difficult extreme spots. Freeride because I mainly like to speed up and make long crazy slides.


Does Morocco have all what it takes to develop this activity?

Definitely, we have some of the best longboard spots; we have all what you need to practice this activity: flat spots, small downhills, big downhills, slalom spots and even skateboard spots, so yeah we can develop the longboard scene and get visiting riders from all over the world just to ride in great scenic Moroccan spots.


What are your Rider projects?

Actually I have many projects or goals, some of them is to continue spreading the longboard activity in Morocco. Showing what we are doing through special videos destined to different kinds of viewers so it makes it easy to them to understand Longboard. My dream is to be able to host national or why not international longboard events in Morocco but my biggest project is to represent my country in longboard events outside Morocco.

Yassine, Thank you very much for this interview and good luck with your awesome projects!

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