Pushed – Four Guys Inspired By A Wooden Toy – Full Skateboarding Documentary

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Pushed is what it’s all about. People getting inspired by a stick of wood with wheels underneath it and using this as a vehicle to push themselves in their artistic real lives. Some even call it the best documentary on skateboading ever made. No sponsor obligations, products being pushed, just plain skateboarding for skateboarding starring  Adam Sello, Bobby Puleo, Stefan Marx, Flo Schneider, and Pontus Alv.

But is, “Skate where you’re from!” perhaps the most look statement about skateboarding ever spoken?

Director – Florian Schneider
Director Of Photography – Felix Zenker
Music by – Johan Hansson
Graphic Design – Franz Falsch and Georg Reinhardt
Produced and Supported by Sznydoers / Carhartt / Hessische Filmförderung

g6piqgV - Imgur


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