Saad Nazih, a Moroccan visual artist.



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Visual Artist, born in Casablanca Morocco 1988

Graduate in the Fine Art School of Casablanca. 2011
Office director of the Moroccan Visual Artists Without Frontiers Movement. 2013- 2014
Member of Articultures Association 2014.
Member of Margin to Mainstream Foundation. India 2014
Laureate of the Global Art Center. Belgium 2017



Surrealism and mystery: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Nazih Saad.

The world of dreams, mythology and psychology are disciplines that have always shown a strong link between them. And a clear example of the close relationship that these fields keep each other was the publication, in 1899, the world renowned Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud , father of psychoanalysis and the most influential neurologist history.

It is a very fascinating field, which still have obtained very poor results, why are many people interested in the dream. Why? Perhaps because, through a dream or nightmare, our subconscious is alert or expel what disturbs us, saddens or traumatize (though we are completely unaware of it). For this reason, it is not surprising that it has written a large volume of essays and books on the subject, which, to a greater or lesser extent, try to clarify these issues so curious, raise us.

But not only doctors and writers have wanted to testify, along history, the importance of stimuli and responses from our subconscious. Painting, meanwhile, has been, for centuries, the perfect expositor of all kinds, both real psychological emotions as fictitious. Among the various styles and artistic themes that exist in the art, Surrealism has been one of the most popular and famous history.

Renowned artists such as René Magritte, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo, among others, passed to posterity thanks to a painting in which psychology, the dream, reality, fiction and beauty, came together in perfect harmony, obtaining, as a result, most influential artworks of recent times.

However, as psychology, neuroscience and psychoanalysis continue to evolve today, the pictorial surrealism is not thing of the past, so that many contemporary artists turn their most intimate impulses and emotions through their art.

In this sense, Saad Nazih is a good example. Passionate about human psychology and everything that concerns that, the Moroccan painter is constantly torn between the real world and the world of dreams in an elegant, beautiful and fascinating way.

Intrigue, anxiety, loneliness, fear and even madness are some of the feelings that best define his work. Dark tones, contrasts and a implecable technique, make each piece a visual and mental attraction in itself; And no wonder, as they try to paint with that at some point in our lives, we have felt and we feel identified.

As a piercing scream from the depths of the soul, SaaD conceives the work of art as the ideal place to combine poetic and philosophical concepts of human existence method. In nutshell: it allows the presence of an attractive facet and aesthetically beautiful fruit of situations and really painful to humans feelings.





Obtained Prize:

-1st price of the National Crossroad of the Young Visual Artists 2015’
-1st price of the Regional Crossroad of the Young Visual Artists 2015’
-1st price in the International Symposium of Visual Arts of Monastir. Tunisia 2013
-1st price in ‘Barid Al Fane’ young painters contest. 2012
-2nd price at the crossroads of  »the regional young painters 2012″ by the Ministry of Culture.2012
-Finalist for the best painting in the contest  » Pre Vinci  ». 2009
-Honnored by the minister of culture of Morocco in Salouane Festival of young artists. Sale 2014



Artworks in collections:

-Tres Cultures del Mediteraneo Foundation. Seville, Spain 2011
-Auction House Algarve, Faro, Portugal 2013
-Al Xaraf art space , Albaida del aljarafe , Seville, Spain 2013
-Fine Art School Of Casablanca .Maroc 2012
-Museum of visual arts of Monastir . Tunisia 2013
-State Gallery of Fine Arts. India 2014
-Gamle Ormelet Centre d’art et de culture. Tjome, Norvège 2014
-International Symposium of Paintings ‘BArBARKA’ of Torun. Poland 2014
-International Symposium of Visual Arts of Manastir . Tunisia 2014
-Santiniketan International Artists Residency. India 2014



Internationals events:

-Artist in residence at the Global Art Center, Belgium 2017
-Artist in residence at Plain Air Festival Vall de Llemana, Catalonia 2016
-Artist in residence at the 8th international Symposium of Painting, Torun, Poland 2016
-Artist in residence at the 7th international Symposium of Painting, Torun, Poland 2015
-Artist in residence at Chitrashaala Artists Residency, Inde 2015
-Artist in residence at Santiniketan International Art Residence. India 2015
-Artist in residence at the 6th edition of the international symposium of paintings of Torun, Poland 2014
-Artist in residence at the international centre of Art and Cultures Gamle Ormelette, Tjome. Norway 2014
-Artist in residence at Kalanirvana residency of Art. Hyderabad. India 2014
-Artist in residence at The Tres Cultures Del Mediteraneo Fondation. Spain 2011
-Guest of Honnor at the 12 th Edition of the International Festival of Visual Art of Monastir, Tunisia 2014
-Sellected for the International Biennal of Comtemporary Art of New York. 2015
-Artist in residence at the 11th edition of the International Festival of Visual Arts of Monastir, Tunisia 2013
-Artist in residence at the Art Ambassadors Associations in Serbia. 2015



International Exhibitions:

-Collective Exhibition ‘ Vive Arte 2017 ‘ at Maria Nieves Gallery, Villafranca, Spain 2017
-Collective exhibition ‘ Colors without Borders ‘ at the Project ARt Gallery, Lodz, Poland 2016
-Collective Exhibition Passport to the Art, Torun, Poland 2015
-Collective exhibition for the 30th edition of ASROPA International Art Exhibition. Sandol Art Center, Gunsan, South Korea.
-Exhibnition at the International Festival of Painting of Torun, Poland 2015
-Collective exhibition  » VIVE ARTE 2015  » at the Maria Nieves Gallery. Badajos, Extramadura, Spain 2015
-Collective exhibition at the Centre of Art and Culture Gamle Ormelet . Tjome, Norway 2014
-Collective Exhibition at the International Symposium of paintings, Torun, Poland 2014
-Collective exhibition at the inaugiration of the Kalanirvana Artists Residency . India 2014
-Collective exhibition in the State Gallery of Fine Arts. Hyderabad, India 2014
-Solo exhibition, Curator by Pietro Franesi the New York Art Biennal Director. Gallery Nadira Morroco. 2014
-Collective exhibition at the Centre of Art and Culture Gamle Ormelet . Tjome, Norway 2014
-Collective Exhibition at the International Symposium of paintings, Torun, Poland 2014
-Collective exhibition in the Musium of visual arts of Monastir. Tunisia 2013
-Collective exhibition at Auction House Algrave. Faro , Portugal 2013
-Collective exhibition at Al Xaraf Art Space. Seville, Espagne 2013



Local Exhibitions:
-Collective exhibition crossroad of the young painters 2015, by the ministry of culture, Mohammed el Fassi Gallery 2015
-Collective exhibition  » i have a dream  » organized by the Embassy of USA. rabat 2015
-Collective exhibition in the Festival ‘Salouane’ of young artists, Gallery Bab Fes, Sale, Morocco 2014
-The national young visual artist meeting. Rabat, Maroc 2013
-Collective exhibitioncontest  » crossroads of the young artists  » edition 2012, by the ministry of culture . 2013
-Collective exhibition at the inauguration of the Moroccan Visual Artists Without Borders Movement, Rabat . 2012
-Binomial exhibition at Bab Mrissa foundation , Tanger , Maroc . 2012
-Collective exhibition at  » Jamae El Fna  » place, Marrakech , under the title  » no to terrorism  »
-Collective exhibition in the Fine Art School of Casablanca festival,  » pause’ART  » .



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